Obtaining a baby acquainted with food is a very difficult task. It is important to observe how the infant reacts to the food and whether the body accepts the food. Babies usually begin having food in the age of 8-9months. They're given solid foods along with milk. It's essential the infant grows a sense of taste. Feeding a child is a herculean task. Two big mistakes that parents usually commit while managing a baby are:


Feeding the infant whenever it cries-a crying infant is usually a torture for the parents. They start getting concerned and their emotional side says the when do babies eat baby food is starving and thus they end up feeding the baby. But there are various reasons why a baby would holler. Feeding the infant every time it cries does calm the infant down but it leads to overeating which is very bad to get a baby. It may also result in indigestion or vomiting.



Feeding the baby with food it likes- When a baby begins eating increasingly more of a food, the parents are very happy that the infant is obviously enjoying the food. They begin giving more quantity of that food since it is easier to feed the infant now. However it is crucial to note that as the baby grows, it needs different nutrients. Deficiency of a particular nutrient would bring in certain disorders. Further, babies are extremely much prone to indigestion which may lead to to stomach ache. It is vital that the infant is given the proper food. When the baby is 8-9months old, it might want food for at least three times a day. A balanced program should be maintained in order to ensure a nutritious diet to the baby.